Up and Running!

Starting a Studio

It is now 2018! Now What? After dabbling in game making for years it is time to go all in. From the days of starting and never finishing Command Keen clones, Door Games, Simcity clones, Unreal Tournament maps, and my infamous Qix remake (still not done), it’s now time to make this a priority. This could manifest itself in a few different ways. This is to be determined. The end goal is to be able to help ourselves and others see their projects to a place they can share their creation with the world.

This idea has been floating around for years among myself and a few others. In April 2016 I left my last employer and became self employed doing a variety of IT consulting projects. In between projects this idea continued to manifest itself and I finally just decided it was now or never. On January 1st 2018 I became the 1st employee of Instance Entertainment!

In this initial post I would like to outline what was done to ensure that January 1st, 2018 was a true kickoff.


Any company has a set of infrastructure items that has to be in place to be “real”. Here is a list of things that needed to be purchased or decided.

A company was needed to operate under. A simple [LLC] would work. Since the consulting business entity was already an LLC a Trade Name was created on that entity to keep things simple.

Physical Office

  • No physical office space.

Digital Office

  • G Suite subscription. The obvious choice to establish our digital office. It provides all the basics for a very low cost of entry. Even this website.
  • BitBucket - Free for the first 5 team members
  • Trello - Free


The major goal is to use some of the best in class open source software understanding that there is some excellent commercial software that might justify their costs easily as progress is made. Here is are the initial software listing.

Digital Presence

  • Domain names were purchased from GoDaddy.
  • We ran a design contest on 99Designs for our logo.
  • Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, etc. So many options today to market your brand. As time progresses those will come online.



As can be seen from the outlined items the overall cost was very minimal. Things feel real. Schedules are clear. We hope to provide at a minimum Quarterly updates.