Demo Time!

Champlain Games Festival

We have 14 days until the local Champlain Games Festival being held in Essex, Vermont. We are proud to be a sponsor and extremely excited to be able to bring a playable demo of our first concept prototype.

Going in to the new year with the basics covered the team has focused on learning and putting together playable prototypes of some early gameplay concepts. When you play some of the biggest and arguably the best games out there they all (mostly) have one thing in common. A fishing mini game. Why do we play those mini games so much? We don’t have that answer but what if we could recreate that feeling in an actual game about fishing!

Champlain Games Festival Logo

The Festival

As we planned for the festival we wanted to embrace the digital age. This means rethinking traditional branding, promotion, etc. Think about your typical booth at a trade show. Each will have large backdrops, banners, table runners, pamphlets, business cards. As we entered planning for our booth we started down the typical path. But as we researched getting this physical products made we deemed it would not be a good use of capital at this point in time. Here is what we came up with.

  • Large Display - Replaces Banners, backdrops, and table runner
    • This will run a slide show containing all of our collateral for our brand.
  • Tablet - Replaces Pamphlets and business cards
    • This will let users signup for our newsletter. See it here.

Champlain Games Festival Booth Rendition

The Game

The only way at this time to see the game is via the show floor. What! Why? The reality is this is a concept prototype and there is a good chance this will never see any type of release. We will be gathering a lot of anecdotal data at the festival and that will help us influence our design going forward in this prototype and others.

In fact we are not even announcing this as an official project at this time. So stay tuned!