Super ... Angling?

Champlain Games Festival Recap

Fantastic! Is the word and emphasis I would use to describe our experience at the Champlain Games Festival. Our booth had two workstations that were completely occupied for the six hours the show ran and a least two of those hours saw decent lines as well! While I hate lines it was still exciting to see the interest. Its safe to say we got the validation we wanted to continue development of this project.

Here is our description from the festival website.


Here is the Announce/Pre-Alpha trailer for SUPER ANGLING based on the version showed at the festival.

Here is a photo of our booth prior to the doors opening. We dropped the ball on getting photos of people playing sadly.



As is typical in all software projects there is a lot of angst leading up to a major milestone. The festival was no different. For the two months since the festival we have documented and explored most of the feedback we received either directly or through watching players play the game.

Procedural or Static

The version that was demoed had a fully procedurally generated world. Each “new game” would get a newly generated world. This is a programmers dream. The reality is that testing is really hard, ensuring “fun” exists is impossible, and crafting any type of narrative outside of the macro game becomes difficult. So the first change we made was to triple the world size and make it static. We are now designing the entire world along with its inhabitants, secrets, and ensuring a “fun” factor exists.

Next Milestones

We will be participating in the Champlain Mini Maker Faire as a pseudo advertisement for the Champlain Games Festival. To make things a bit more “maker” will will be setting up a custom lure station. I can suspect a blog post will be needed just on this topic once we figure out how we want to do it. Hooks != Children.

Final Thoughts

In the coming months we will be providing more in depth posts on the game play, design, and other interesting things about Super Angling. Make sure you connect with us on Social media!